Reviews and Testimonials

I usually only go to laundromats to have my larger items washed easier because of how bulky they are and they won't fit in my washer or dryer at home. The comforter and blankets fit great in the machines and they get cleaned really well! This laundromat itself is very clean compared to others ones that I have been to and I really appreciated the customer service here too.

Extremely CLEAN!

I don’t need a laundromat often, but when those emergencies come up or I’ve got an extra large blankets to wash a good laundromat becomes a necessity. Honestly I did not know there were still any laundromats in Park City, but I was pleased to find Ying’s. All the machines operate with quarters, and there is a change machine on site which takes $1, $5, $10, & $20’s. The facility is simple, clean, and easy to use.

Clean- all washers and dryers worked well with clear instructions and large signs posted on out of order machines. Friendly and helpful to customers. Have a change machine and a vending machine for soap etc. Good access from parking lot, good hours.

Great laundry services if your time is worth more to you than your money. Otherwise, if you do it yourself and wait, the laundromat has access to the rail trail for a quick hike while you wait.

Clean, quiet, I was worried after reading the other reviews but found it just perfect for my needs. Washers were $3 a load, dryers 75 cents. I was there on a Monday morning in July. Car wash next door where you can clean your car at the same time.

Great for the only laundry mat in Park City!

One word ... RACHEL!!!

We were in town traveling from Michigan through to the Dakotas then south to Arizona. We'd been on the road for about 9 days and needed to get laundry done, eat, shop for supplies and get the dogs some food.

Showed up after getting our truck washed next door and spoke with Rachel who is the new owner of about 4 months. She was working on Sunday, more than willing to do a load of about 25 pounds of laundry for us, fold it and let us pick it up after we got our errands done.

All I can say is that she was a lifesaver! Super willing to help us out, a huge smile on her face and ever ran out to give us our laundry hamper which we accidentally left behind.

She understands customer service, takes care of people in their time of need and helped to take 1 stressful thing off our list so that we could focus on other items.

Highly recommend and a huge thanks to her for her help.

FYI - she's not set up for credit cards yet, bring cash, no issue to us but don't get caught off guard until she gets Square or something similar in place.